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About our shows


GB Pageants produces three spectacular shows. The British International Tattoo, Tattoo Cymru and A Slice of The British Isles In Concert. Our traditional tattoo's are a dazzling display of military and civilian bands alongside multicultural artistic performance groups. Our Slice of The British Isles stage concert takes audiences on a musical tour of the four corners of Britain and showcases acts from around the country from pipe bands, brass bands, male voice choirs, Highland, Irish and Morris dancers culminating in a truly magnificent and rousing finale!

In memory of our Patron
Major Sir Michael Parker KCVO CBE


  "Military Pomp and Pageantry has played a large part in our enjoyment of Spectacle for many hundreds of years.

The Military Tradition of ‘Beating Retreat’ at the end of each day evolved into what we now know as The Military Tattoo. It's title is derived from the necessity to get Soldiers back into Barracks at night by playing ‘Tap toe” literally “Turn off the Taps’ a signal to the Inn Keepers of the time to stop serving.


Over the years that simple Ceremony evolved into more elaborate entertainment involving music, pageantry, drill and action displays. Then in the form of The Royal Tournament in the 1880s it became he Military Tattoo. Our own Military Bands and Ceremonial Troops were joined by acts and displays invited from all over the world.


Sadly in Great Britain the only regular Military Tattoo now is held in Edinburgh with smaller shows and Beat Retreats in London, Birmingham and some other garrison towns.


I’m so pleased that the team at The British International Tattoo are rekindling this hugely popular tradition and I know that this spectacular show will delight audiences for years to come.


Having been the producer of The Royal Tournament, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo and many other Royal and National Celebrations around the globe I wish the team, cast and crew all the good fortune in the world and know that you will enjoy the fruits of their efforts."


Major Sir Michael Parker KCVO CBE 

21 September 1941 – 28 November 2022

Patron – The British International Tattoo

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